Zoe Warms, Cigarette Lungs

The 100 things project has been my favorite art project we have done so far. I loved the open ended prompt that allowed me to decide what material I was going to use. This was a big decision, but thankfully our class brainstormed and made a list of materials we could use. I decided to use 100 cigarettes. Since it would be hard to get real cigarettes in school I chose to use candy cigarettes. I wanted to create something that had meaning so I chose to make lungs out of cigarettes. First I looked up pictures of lungs. Then I used the candy cigarettes to create a base for both lungs. I stacked the cigarettes on top of each other, making the lungs look more 3D. Since the cigarettes were made of gum I was able to heat them up and bend them to make the lungs more rounded and realistic. I was worried that people wouldn’t understand that they were lungs, so I looked up more detailed pictures. I saw that there were veins within the lungs that I could create. Since the cigarettes were already made of gum, I decided to get more bubble gum and stretch it out over the lungs. Then I decided to make the trachea out of the cardboard gum boxes. I used wire and then covered them with the boxes. The piece was coming together, except the bubble gum veins made the lungs look too busy. I decided to take the gum off and add more cigarettes instead. 

I wanted the lungs made out of cigarettes to raise awareness about the danger and seriousness of smoking. 40 million adults in America smoke. 16 million Americans have smoking related diseases. Smoking can badly damage lungs and cause pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoking can destroy your lungs and ruin your life. I made lungs out of cigarettes to remind people what they are putting into their body when they smoke, and how it can affect them.

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One thought on “Zoe Warms, Cigarette Lungs

  1. Zoe- I really like the message you have behind your project and how you used your interest in this topic to make a sculpture that leaves the viewer thinking. Good job!!


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