The DragonFly

For my wire project I decided to create a dragonfly.  I picked a dragonfly because it represents my grandmother.  She died a couple of years ago from cancer, and from then on we always associate her with flying animals specifically dragonflies.  Whenever my family sees a dragonfly it is always my grandmother saying hello.  That was the inspiration for this project.

I went about this project by starting at the tail.  I tied many thick pieces of wire together and let some be loose to represent the end of the tail.  I then created the head by taking two U shaped pieces of wire and rapping string around it to show thickness.  For the wings I made 4 large ovals and then, from the bottom there the wire wrapped together, I strung other pieces to represent the webbing that real dragonfly wings have.  To finish off the wings I took tissue paper, added modge podge, and the wrapped it tight around the wings.  The final step was to represent the eyes.  I took three U shaped pieces and wrapped wire around them so that there was little empty space.  I then tied all those together and hinged it to the front of my head.

It was hard working with the wire at first but after multiple days of working with it I was able to get the hang of it.  I learned to to make joints and how to connect large pieces together while creating a sound and structural piece.  If I could do this project over again I would spend more time on the head and on the wings, adding a lot more detail.  Overall I am happy with my project, I think I could have done better, but I am not disappointed.

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