When I was thinking of an object to make a larger version of diamond was one of the first things to come to my mind. I used to have a kit of plastic diamonds, when I was younger, that I used to make tiaras and jewelry. I wanted to recreate the kit’s special feeling. After doing my drawing of it I realized that it might be hard because of all of the different edges. I also figured out that a thicker wire would work better for it because the diamond needed to be able to stand while holding the weight of the wires that were used to make the top part. I ended up making my bottom not as pointy as I had planned. Instead, all of the edges met in a circle at the bottom much like the diamonds that are in rings. However, this turned out to make it a lot easier to go back and tighten the wires as I went. One thing that I wish I’d done differently was to measure out the wires before attaching them so that they could be the same length to begin with. I would’ve saved a lot of time because I would not have had to go back and readjust all the wires individually. I struggled with trying to elevate the top of the diamond so that it could be seen from the side, but I ended up figuring it out. I decided to add some paper lining to my sculpture because it helped better portray the purpose of my project. I used a silvery paper so that it would resemble a diamond. Since the paper was so delicate I had to work very carefully. After I ripped it twice I learned how to handle the paper better. In addition, because I used the thicker wire I didn’t have to wrap the paper around the wire in order for it to stay. This was beneficial because when the light hits my sculpture you don’t see extra paper. In the future I would be neater when wrapping around my wire. When I finished with mine it looked kind of messy and I had to go through it and clean it up, so it would be better if from the beginning I was just more tidy. Overall, I really enjoyed this project even though it was challenging. I found that after I learned how to handle the wire I was able to do a lot more with it.


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