Brian Dettmer, A Loose Leaf and Self Revising Reference Work, Saturation Will Result,The Volume Library

His concept is preserving books as they become less necessary with all the new technology coming out today. In addition, he feels as though stories and history can’t be told the same in computers as it can in books. The form of the resource from which we receive our information is very important according to Brian. By sculpting books into more interesting forms he feels as though he can remind people of how important and entertaining they can be.

Without planning anything out before hand, he starts by carving into the books so that the images that he selected are exposed. He uses small tools like, tweezers and scissors, so that he can be careful. After he is done with his design he glues the rest of the pages with a varnish. He doesn’t add anything to the book’s content, he only take things away. Sometimes before he starts the cutting process he puts multiple books together by bending or stacking them and then seals their edges. On occasion, he sands them. Once he has finished the sculpture he applies a clear coat across it in order to protect it. He usually uses comic books and medical guides, but for some of his bigger sculptures he uses encyclopedias and textbooks. When he does use books/novels, which are usually non-fiction, the content and message in it is demonstrated within the piece. In total, each piece takes him about fifty hours spread out over multiple days.

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