Cacti, Brynn Ovitz

For the wire project, I decided to use cacti as my object My sister has always had many plants around her house, and she passed this onto me a few years ago. I now have multiple cacti in my room, and I recreated four of them for this project. The start of my process was slow because I spent lots of time attempting to straighten all wire and fit it together cleanly enough to make a straight, pointy cactus. This didn’t work out, which lead me to bend all the wires in a complex fashion and make an abstract one. This also prompted me to make my cactuses abstract, but continue to hold the essence of a real cactus. After completing my first cactus, the rest came along smoothly once I passed the initial rough patch of brainstorming for each project. I made holes at the base of each figure with a push pin and hammer to perfectly fit each wire and make sure my base would not alter their previous shapes, while still keeping each structure stable. For my cactus with a larger width than the rest, Mrs.Kerrigan and I drilled a larger hole and filled it with gorilla glue to hold the piece in a clean and stable way. If I were to redo this process over again, I would have changed how I began crafting each cactus. Starting each one took lots of unnecessary time, which delayed from making it as detailed and foolproof as possible. In the end, I am very glad with how my cacti turned out. The four pieces compliment each other well and make a unique look as a group.

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