Guy Laramee: The Great Wall (Charlton and Ethan)

Books into landscapes: 2010

Guy Laramie’s concept is transforming books into landscapes.  His pieces range from large to small.  He goes into book stores just to look at the physical book, he doesn’t read it. We lose ourselves in the internet and that is why he uses books. Landscapes don’t need to say anything, when you are next to amazing landscapes they suck you in. That is what he tries to portray.


Process: Laramee uses a grinder, a tool generally used to remove rust from metal, to slowly break away pieces of the pages and create his landscapes. He does this within a sand blaster to limit the mess created from the tool. Laramee joins multiple books together to create his most intricate pieces such as the great wall. By pressing the books together he is able to keep the pages firm and sturdy so he can easily break away at the pages with the precision that he does. By doing this Laramee creates mountains, caves, and even gardens with his books. With the application of certain dyes he gives his book landscapes one final visual touch to truly bring his pieces to life.

This project is inspired by two trips to a region of southern Brazil called Serra do Corvo Branco(Range of the White Raven). Aparados da Serra is a specific mountain pass that is part of ahundred mile long line of canyons, where the high plateau sinks down near to sea level – a 5000foot drop over one mile, creating a dramatic topography of crevasses and needles, somewhatcovered with the dense vegetation of the Matta Atalantica, the eco system with the highestbiodiversity in the world. It is said that this fault line is actually the true topographical dividebetween Africa and South America.

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