Lisa Kokin, Brynn and Zoe

Lisa Kokin is an artist who uses recycled and reclaimed materials she has found at flea markets, thrift stores, and recycling centers to craft her work. She works mostly with books, the contents of which she shreds, blends, pulps, glues, and otherwise modifies before presenting them to her viewers in various states of recognition.

She uses a blender to shred the paper so she can morph it into different shapes. She also preserves specific words or images to add to her work.

Kokin’s most recent works are composed of cloth self-help book spines and covers, which she cuts up, disguises and weaves with thread into bright, colorful wall installations.

She uses her work to represent the struggles of someone’s unhappiness with their body-image, career, finances, or life in general. Kokin’s work offers themes of political and social commentary while conveying a respect  in her treatment of these cast-off and discarded materials. In her work she incorporates her childhood and experiences of being a jewish woman. 


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