Shapes, Olivia Geier

I accomplished a lot in this project. We had the shortest amount of time to complete it and I was also the most intimidated by this project. Paying attention and focusing on how Ms. Kerrigan created the geometric shapes out of wire as an example that was crucial to my success. Although my design was relatively simple, working with wire was tedious and required a lot of focus and drive. When we were presented with the project, I knew I wanted mine to be geometric rather than organic. I was attracted to the idea of making structural shapes for my project because I enjoy the process of repeating the same technique in art because each time is improved from the last. I learned the technique of how to make my shapes and executed the same mechanisms over and over to make the most even and equal lengths possible. The negative space in my project made it unique and challenging because the space taken up had to be even and straight. I covered one triangle of each shape with colored paper because it makes it easier for the viewer to tell the difference in size of the shapes. For the next project, I will craft an idea quickly, focus, and execute it, because that is how I finished this project well and on-time. Before, working with wire didn’t look fun or easy, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. This project has taught me to be optimistic about an art project or any assignment that I am presented with.

First attempts & inspiration:

The final project:

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