Wire Fishing Lure



I am very content with the wire fishing lure I have crafted. I have successfully completed the sculpture I had in mind when I started. I have chose to craft a fishing lure because the complex and colorful aspects of a lure would transform well into a wire sculpture. This project has helped me learn to scale objects, because I transformed a three-inch lure into a two-foot wire object- including all of the lure’s accessories. A challenge I encountered during this project was trying to resemble solid objects on the lure using wire. To solve this problem, I ended up using individual wire pieces and putting them close together to look like a solid.

Upon completing this project, I have more respect for artists who craft sculptures from wire. I never realized how much concentration, patience, and skill is required when sculpting with wire. As of now, this project has been my favorite, because it tested my ability to teach myself, considering I have never sculpted with wire.


Process Photos:



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