Wire Toothbrush


The wire project was easily the frontrunner out of all the projects for difficulty in my opinion. In previous projects, my original approaches worked perfectly and ended up as my final products whereas wire toothbrush took at least three starting attempts to produce a solid base for what I had pictured on paper and in my head. This project also highlighted the importance of using classmates as a resource, in particular, Richie and Charlton recognized a few simple fixes for problems I was having. As I got closer to finalizing my work I attributed my struggles to the material, the wire made me work quite differently than previous materials and made things much more difficult. This thinking also brought in the idea of using a different material to enhance my piece, using clay certainly added to the piece overall and opened the door to many more bristles. All in all, it was fun too see what came of completely starting over twice and cutting the deadline very close. Overcoming these obstacles added a sense of accomplish to finishing the toiled over toothbrush.

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