Jodi Harvey-Brown, Imagination’s Journey



“After much poking and prodding from my well meaning family, I finally decided to get serious about my work. I’ve always drawn, and that’s how it started. Most of my drawing sales are commissioned portraits.

In March of 2012 I started book sculpting. I stumbled upon a box of used books at a second-hand shop. Having a soft spot for books, I couldn’t pass them up. One book had been crushed in the bottom of the box. Not thinking, I started folding the bent pages to form a design. It was simple, but I really like it. I made a few more, each a little more complicated than the last. At the urging of friends, I posted them on an artist’s community website. The people there thought they were interesting and referred me to other book sculptures. It was then that I realized what a valid art form this could be. I had mixed feelings about continuing. Then, I started thinking about sculpting as a way to give a book a new life, up-cycle, and create a pretty awesome looking piece of art all at the same time. Thus, my book sculpting career began. I’ve never felt so creative before, and I’m loving every second of starting my artistic career.

I feel that art should be personal. A hundred people may own the same mass produced picture and it may be pretty, but does it mean anything to you? Whether it’s a drawing or an sculpture, I want my work to be personal for my buyer. I want to help you tell your story”

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Jodi Harvey-Brown has mastered the art of altering books. She has found ways to incorporate other materials in her art, and has found ways to use many different techniques in the process. In most of her work, you can find that the paper remains attached to the book, and she uses other materials such as wire to support larger pieces, such as Imagination’s Journey. Harvey-Brown has also used other materials such as small mirrors to intensify the meaning in some of her pieces. She does a good job of making her pieces 3-Dimensional, sometimes using all parts of the book to get this job done. In Rapunzel for example, Jodi uses the book cover in her piece to show the paper Rapunzel trapped inside of something. Jodi’s work is an example of many different types of techniques, as no two pieces of her work undergo the same process.

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