Wire Alarm Clock



Of all the projects this year, this one was probably the most intriguing for me. It allowed me to be creative with material I never worked with before. Bending the wire into the clock was like “drawing with wire.” This project also involved a lot of critical thinking. There were many situations when I had to reanalyze or redo a part of the wire because it just wouldn’t fit in properly with the design, but I learned to be flexible and patient with my sculpture, an important skill to have as an artist.

To start on the project, I created circles for the frame of my alarm clock. This part of the project was the most difficult and was time consuming. Bending the wires to fit the project, specifically for the numbers of the clock, took a lot of effort, as well.

My sculpture is a symbol for how children are forced to grow up quickly. The alarm clock represents the importance of time and how everyone is always watching the clock, but are not able to control time. The wire is also very ironic because time is not flexible.

As a young adult, time is invaluable. We are always rushing through our days, from school, to sports, to spending time with family and friends. It seems like there is no time to slow down and appreciate the little moments, but I hope my sculpture can represent this.

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