Wire Rose, Zoe Warms


I started the wire project by brainstorming an object to make out of wire that I could enlarge. I decided to make a rose. My grandmother and I would pick flowers and would put them in books to save them. My grandmother was an artist and would find random things on the sidewalk and incorporate them into her art. She told me to always save the little things I find, because I might need them someday. I still have the roses we found, and will remember that moment forever. I wanted to make the rose a little messy and disorganized to show that people don’t have to be perfect to be a family.

First I had to figure out how to connect all the petals of the rose, while still making a flower shape. I decided to twist the ends of the petals together. I would twist the other petals on top making every other one a little bigger. The bigger the flower got the harder it was to add more petals. After a while I taped the petals to the table and intertwined the ends to the center. When all of the petals were done I folded them in to create more of a rose shape. Then I took the outer layer and pulled it out so it would be more realistic. Then I added a stem and some leaves. The biggest challenge of this project was working with the wire. It was easy to bend the wire, but very difficult to get it to stay in the position I wanted. Overall this project was a great way to experience working with wire.

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