Wire Rubber Duck, Jack Brophy

My project is a combination of a childish, rubber duck’s form and the robust, grim material; wire. The biggest challenge in the piece was planning out the form and having the knots stay in place. The wire’s malleability and strength determined what I could do with it and from that led to how I carried out the project. I created the hollow underside that rubber ducks have first and from the outer wire of the base I built up. When I finished the basic framework for the body and tail I began on the head. I made a simple sphere shape with the wire then filled it in. The bill is attached to the head but is more an extension than a continuation of the wire. After connecting the head all that was left to do was fill in the body and to add wings. The wings were made on top of the body in the sense that they are just latched onto the side. The attachment make the wings seem more realistic.

I had a gung-ho attitude in this project and I felt that’s what allowed a larger piece. The wire more determined my course of action then any plan I had. I used the wire as a way to guide the form and seeing whether I could just have a bend or need a knot really determined how “clean” the duck looked. The biggest challenge I had was planning out how to make the head. The way I accomplished this was to make it separate which would be much easier and straightforward than trying the extend the body wires upward. If I were to attempt this project differently I would have a environment encompassing the piece or having different wires to give it a less one dimensional feel. Because the wire is equivalent to a 3D line drawing and it lacks a lot of depth and is almost “plain” in my eyes.search-1imgresIMG_2343IMG_2364IMG_2365IMG_2366IMG_2369IMG_2370IMG_2371

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