Altered book – Brynn Ovitz


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For this project, I was originally inspired by Lisa Kokin’s altered book projects. Zoe and I explored her many techniques at the beginning of our process, and I was very fond of her sewing work. I particularly liked her working sewing flowers and other parts of nature into various novels. Since I was concussed during a water polo game at the beginning of the project and missed a couple days, I realized I would not have enough time to sew intricate patterns in the book that would cover enough pages that I desired. Mrs.Kerrigan gave me a box filled with many childhood materials- googly eyes, puff balls, pipe cleaners, and gems. These materials benefited my process because they gave me the inspiration to make my project look like reading is more fun and creative than it is when you are a child. Another large challenge in this project other than my time constraint was the amount of time it took for the glue to dry. I attempted to use a hair dryer to shorten this time, but sometimes the material bled through the page and others the following pages were accompanied by a brown residue. I was proud of the ideas I came up with for each page in this project because each page is creative and varies from the rest. If I were to do this project again, I would have maybe used some thinner materials so the book would not be as think and would close more easily. Overall, I’m very proud of how I did on this project. My ideal image of making reading look more fun was accomplished and I think I did so in a very tasteful and creative way.

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