Birds Nest

The altered book project once again challenged my one track mindset that has helped and hurt my progress in sculpture this year. Much like the wire sculpture, the image I had in my head changed quite a few times throughout the project. However, this time around I allowed myself to begin working without a clear image or idea I wanted to pursue. I simply started working and let the idea develop in front of me. After a few classes, I realized I wanted to work towards a birds nest. For the first time in a long time I was able to just work until I was presented  with an idea I desired. The only shaky part of this new approach was my execution. I feel as though this is one of my weaker pieces but I am quite proud of my work because this piece lead me to do something I had never done before, besides, no ones first try is ever spectacular. To start my project, I created what eventually would be the actual nest, and then introduced the pyrography aspect to add character to the piece. I then added the branches via exacto knife and burned them as well to match the nest. I also perfected the art of the origami crane for the final touch on the work. All in all, I had a lot of fun exploring new techniques and seeing what came of them. Even though it certainly isn’t my strongest piece, I learned a lot from my time spent on it and will definitely use ideas gained here on future works.

Last year alone, 15.6 Billion trees were cut down for paper and other resources. As a result, habitats and the animals that live in them are being harmed. As I worked towards making my nest, this aspect of irony surfaced in front of me. I had made a piece that can serve as a reminder of the absurd amount of trees that are killed each year, out of something that came from a chopped down tree. Another idea that showed itself to me after having worked for multiple days.


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