Books Rock! By, Olivia Geier

I was the least intimidated by this project because I learned from the last project that a clear idea initially is key. I had no images for inspiration: only memories of seeing rocks made out of books at flea markets years ago. Although executing my project was simpler than others in the class, it took me a while to get the hang of carving the pages. Each few pages were to be the same shape and size, while the next, on either end of the rock, were to be getting smaller and smaller. When we were assigned this project, I had a clear idea and image in my head that I knew I would execute even if it was challenging. I separated pages into blocks within the book so I knew what parts to keep the same size and what parts to start making smaller. The only tools I used for my project were my hands, an exacto knife, and sandpaper. I cut a piece of cardboard into an oval to measure each of my exacto cuts in the book. After carving every single page of the book, I took the sandpaper to it, and that’s when my project really took its full form. I used two different types of sandpaper: the roughest to round the shape, and the softest to smooth the rock and make it very soft to the touch. I followed my own advice from the artist statement from my last project because I sought out an idea firsthand and executed it with clear precision. Getting a quick idea eased my stress on both projects and made them more enjoyable because they were ideas that I genuinely wanted to make perfect. I remained optimistic and tenacious throughout this project because that’s exactly what the wire project taught me.

The middle portion of the rock, before finishing the ends and before sandpapering.IMG_4374

My final project:gureg3gurggurg3

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