Cave Altered Book


With doing this project, I found that so much can be done with books. I spent the first few days brainstorming what I could do with a few hundred pages. I was inspired by Guy Laramee and his landscape book art. His work showed me that books are more than pages of words. My newly formed idea was to make the book come to life. I decided that the book would become a cave.

I began cutting into the book with a box cutter and I realized shortly after that it would not give the natural cave affect that I wanted. So I went home and brought a old drywall cutting knife with uneven jagged teeth. Then, in small chunks, I shaved the book down. I cut the sides of this valley looking creation so that it would widen out. Eventually, the cave was created.

This project showed me how to make use of the materials I had. When I first began the project, I was told that it would be extremely difficult to make a cave with the equipment on hand. But, after trial and error of different cutting tools, I learned how to make best use of any material I had available.




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