Julia Nadler, Grecian Landscape

IMG_8667 (1)IMG_8657 2 (1)IMG_8660 (1)

For my book carving, I created a Grecian landscape. I did not know what I wanted to create at first, so I decided to get inspiration from my book, “Paidela: the Ideals of Greek Culture.” I was flipping through the pages and found a passage about peasants farming in Greece. I was intrigued by this passage so I started trying to portray it.

At first I made one large valley with a river in the bottom. However, half of it came off so I decided to make it into mountains. I then created two rivers, two farms and two small farmhouses. I tried to make it as detailed as possible so I added some rows of plants in the two farms.

The process for creating the valley and mountains was tedious but not that hard. I just had to use an x-acto knife to cut it out page by page. At the very beginning, I glued all the pages together so I could cut out parts while it still stayed glued together, which worked a little but it was not perfect. I also pasted the passage that I got my inspiration from on the front cover of the book so the viewer can further understand the carving.

This project was fun because we were creating art, but I also learned some history, which was cool to incorporate into my piece. Overall, I am happy with the outcome of my carving and I learned a lot about working with books throughout this project.

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