World Records: Charlton McArdle


This project allowed me to have a new insight when it comes to creating art. I learned that the first idea you may have might not end up being the idea that you end up with.  It took me a while to find out what I wanted to do.  At first I was fixed on doing a landscape piece but soon realized in order to do a piece I would be proud of, I would need more tools and a larger space.  Then I remembered my collection of Guinness Book of World Records.  Keeping with the theme of color, which I have used in most of my projects, I thought these books would be great.   This project tested my creative mind and turned me into more of a risk taker. I didn’t know what each book would end up looking like but I decided to start folding. I didn’t know if my glue would stick, or if they would stay together, or if the bindings would be able to be bent into a circular shape.  I had to be able to think on the spot in order to get the product I wanted.

The first binding was very easy to deal with because all of the pages were glued in different groups of 30.  This made it very easy to bend.  This was the largest piece.  I folded one corner in and left the other one out.  This resulted in a tent shaped piece.  I was very happy with this and it acted as a great first object

The second one was folding each page over.  This resulted in cylinder shape and natural the folds were not even resulting in a messy pattern that looked cool.  The colors on each page also helped make this piece vibrant.

The last piece consisted of two different books.  I folded both corners in to create triangular point.  When I was finished with one book, I realized that I would not be able to fold in back without leaving a lot of space between each page.  To solve this I folded another book and glued both of their bindings together.

I am very happy with the way that all three pieces turned out.  I never thought that it would look this good and clear. The lessons that I have learned during this process will help me in other areas of school and life. My first idea might not always be my final and that is ok, the final might be better; you cannot be stuck on one idea. You also have to be able to spend a little longer on an idea.  The best idea might not come right away but keeping an open mind will allow one to find inspiration in all aspects of life.  You also have to learn to take risks even if the outcome is unsure.  Sometimes you will fail but other times it will be spectacular. I tried cutting one of the books on a computerized carver and I failed.  However without trying to carve it, I would never have known that was a bad idea.  Being able to adapt is also key to all aspects of life.  Even though each piece took a little bit of adapting to each situation, they all look great in the end.  I might even hang them up in my house somewhere.

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