Book Art- Fruit

FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRender-8Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.49.32 PM

Artist Statement:

When first being told about the book project, I was overwhelmed by the variety of  sculptures I could make. The first book that caught my eye was The Book of The American West. When I opened it, I knew it was the book to use because of the variation of content in the book. Along with writing, the book enclosed multiple, different coloured illustrations.

My first idea was to make an apple using cut-out pages of the book and paint the sides green. I left spacing in between the pages so that the black words on the pages would be in contrast with the green edges. I also decided to craft a variety of fruits using paper mache made from pages of the book. I went to the cafeteria, and got one of each of the available fruits; an apple, a pear, and a banana. I used paper mache because when it dried, it allowed the sculptures to capture the natural curves of the fruits. Each fruits’ surface has multiple images from the vintage 1966 book. I particularly chose images which represented the fighting going on between the two sides: the Colonists and Indians. I chose to cover the fruit in these war images because it represents that each side was fighting for land in which they wanted to develop and cultivate, but in their own way. Overall, I have accomplished the final goal I had in mind when I started this project.

Process Photos:



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