Book Tree Deer

After seeing all of the different ways artists sculpt books, I was inspired to carve into one. When I was thinking of what to carve out of and what to carve into the book the first thing that came to my mind was a tree. When I was younger my art teacher taught me how to draw a tree, and to this day, I draw them whenever I feel bored. I carved a deer into the book because I wanted to use a different type of technique. At first the tree I drew was extremely intricate and small, and I after I tried to carve it with the exacto knife, I realized that it would be very challenging. Following that revelation, I drew a new tree. However, the process of carving each individual branch and leaf was still very hard to do: if I tried to carve down too many layers at once then the paper would rip, but carving one page at a time seemed to take forever. I found a happy medium of doing around five to seven pages at a time. Another challenge I faced was trying to make sure that the small holes could still be seen at the last layer of paper. This proved to be very time consuming, as there were so many small holes. If I could go back, one thing that I would do differently is carve out the circle in the trunk of the tree before I did anything else. After I had finished carving the tree, the paper was too delicate to use the machine to insert the hole. At the end of the project, when I was coloring the pages, I struggled with not ripping the paper. I ended up having to rip out several sheets because I had torn them in half on accident. Since the paper was so delicate I had to work very carefully. Overall, I really enjoyed this project even though lots of it was challenging. I found that after I learned how to work with the paper and the exacto knife I was able to do a lot more with it.

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