Altered Book by Zoe Warms

The altered book project has been one of the most challenging projects for me this year. Working with paper was new, so the class did research on ways to fold, cut, and mold the paper to create something new. I decided to use a small book and glue/carve into it to create a 3D look. Glueing the pages together was very difficult because they wouldn’t stick unless I went page by page. Also since it was a small book the bindings weren’t very strong causing the book to fall apart. I found another book with a similar size that had two drawings of people on the cover that I wanted to incorporate into the sculpture. I glued the people down, and then started to cut shapes of fish and waves. After cutting the shape, I put a shiny colored sequins behind it. Then I used red thread to sew the one of the people down.
I wanted to create a story with my design in the book. I started by making waves on the first few pages and as I got further into the book, I made more animals along with seaweed and other ocean organisms. While flipping through the pages you can see one of the characters reaching, looking like they are swimming. Then you begin to see the other characters hands and realize that there are two people swimming towards each other. One of the people is tied down, showing that the person is trying to save the other. I think it is important to create a new story from the old book.


Altered Book

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