Deforestation: Charlton and Ethan

For our final Land Sculpture project, we were told to do something that made people look somewhere they would not normally look.  We decided to paint trees for two reason.  The first was that bringing a bright red color to an earth-tone tree makes people look and think.  The second was that we wanted to represent deforestation.  At first we were painting trees because it was fun and a little rebellious but we then looked at one tree and some of our paint had dripped down.  We immediately thought it looked like the tree was bleeding and then picked the theme of deforestation.  It was important to make people look and this project makes people look.  It took us most of the first class to figure out what to do.  This can relate to real life because, like most of our projects, it may take a while to think of a good idea so one has to stay patient.  Another is that art is important.  Even if it is something that may be called vandalism, some people may call this vandalism, it is important to get people talking and finding art in all sorts of things. That is what great artists like Ai WeiWei does.  He gets people talking.  We had a lot of fun with this project and a lot of fun with this class. It has allowed us to express ourselves in many ways.  It has been a great experience.

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