The Revived Spiral – Zoe, Brynn, and Jessica

Our project was inspired by Robert Smithson’s piece Spiral Jetty. We adore the ways he used space and the many different perspectives one part of land can give to many viewers. The first day in the park, we explored for a good base and what kinds of materials we wanted to use to build our ideal image. Dandelions were our first option, and we tried to tie them together in a way that was intricate, but still clean and alluring. After this option failed, we gathered string and tied the dandelions on in a creative pattern. We dug up some extra dirt around the original area we chose to make our piece on a larger scale. Next, we decided that doing just this would not look complex enough to complete our design, so we added leaves to our model. Overall, we are each happy with the outcome of this project. Our piece mirrored Robert Smithson’s work in a creative way where all pieces of our project complement each other, and the whole design looked unique to it’s surrounding space.

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