Mother Nature: Julia, Olivia, and Tristen

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After watching the movie about all of the sculptures who engaged in land art, we noticed that there weren’t a lot of women mentioned in the film, so we looked them up and found that lots of women did it too. They mainly did stuff that connected them to mother nature. We decided to make a crown out of twigs by weaving them together with leaves. However, when we came back to our project the two days later it was destroyed, so we had to start over. This time we used string and mainly just worked on it inside. The crown we made was too delicate to wear without the string coming undone. The crown was supposed to symbolize how mother nature is like a queen. That’s when we made the connection between the sculptures delicacy and mother nature because nature is very fragile and we treat it so poorly with all of our pollution, deforestation, and overall cruelty towards it. It is very important that we start to treat our environment better because without it we could die. The strings represent how we manipulate nature into getting what we want. For instance, when we destroy a park in order to build a house or a parking lot. We have the power to change how we behave towards nature, but we need to change before it’s too late.

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