Ben Hafner & Brandon Pita


The thinker impresses me because he conveys a feeling and he’s very expressive, when you look at him its obvious that he’s thinking and he makes the viewer think. This Statue impresses me because you can see through detail that the Sculptor put in a lot of effort to make the statue look realistic and this is strong because it makes the viewer more connected.


This Statue Impresses me through its size and it makes the statue seem more powerful because its huge and is symbolic to the Brazilian people.This sculpture impresses me because it almost seems unreal how its above everyone and so they can kinda feel like their lives are guarded by religion.


The Statue of Liberty impresses me because of what it stands for, freedom, acceptance, immigration, and just simply a welcoming to our country. The statue of Liberty is symbolic and its massive size sets a larger theme to the American people, which is acceptance.

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