Marshmallow Teamwork

1/2.Our team dynamic did not include a designated leader. We would all spitball ideas and see how they each worked out and chose which ones worked best. we took each idea into consideration and were, for the most part, in agreement on what to do. We ended up winning the challenge, so i do not think we would have benefitted from a designated leader. Especially since we all had no prior experience with the task, so there were no qualifications that one individual had which would make him/her a better leader.

8. Do better our result in this experience my teammates and I could had utilized all our resources more efficiently. At the end of the challenge we had several materials left untouched. We had a strand of tape we could have used to add extra support to our structure. We did not use the string at all  and i think we could have used it in a way to counter balance our structure by tying one end to the top and the other to the base to keep the structure from leaning.


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