Soap Carving Project

(Updated version!)

My overall idea for this project was trying to bring all of the inspiring causes that I saw on the table together. So, after thinking about that I realized how much, overtime, all of these problems have changed. I decided to carve a stop watch because I wanted to really represent how times have changed and how we need to “stop” and reevaluate some of our decisions as a community and think before we act.

Other thoughts:
-Should I carve the world on the back to truly represent would issues or leave it up to the audience?
-Furthermore, I love the idea of an old-fashioned stopwatch because I think that technology is changing the world for the good or the better and it is important to think about our life before iPhones and more advanced tech.
-I will cast my hand in a way that almost seems like I am going to stop the time.



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