Soap Project Artist Statement

My soap sculpture project originated from the idea of the representation of the lack of education in many areas in our world. Many kids around my age do not have the privilege to go to a school, and it is important that my classmates and I do not take our education for granted. I chose to carve a single, open, worn-out book to symbolize this idea. While doing this, I learned what tools to use to best texturize my book for its pages and worn-out look. I also learned to take a step back and look at my book realistically. At the beginning, my book was too thick with pages and would had never been able to close had it been a real. Over time, I shaved down the book’s thickness to make it look genuine. After I successfully completed the textures and size of my book, it was time to mold my hand. To do this, I placed my hand in alginate mixture and waited eight minutes for it to harden. Then, I filled the hardened alginate with our plaster mixture and waited 24 hours for that to harden. To finish my hand mold, I carved away the alginate from the plaster, and there it was!  I chose to place my book in my hand openly to symbolize the many, open possibilities that education brings to the world. If I were to do this project again, I would make sure to take more specific measurements on my book, because its proportions are not perfect. Yes, the book’s flaws add into its purpose to look worn-out in torn, but lining up the pages and binding would help make it look even more authentic. I would also make sure to agitate my plaster in the alginate mold more to reduce the number of bubbles on my hand mold. The bubble-filled plaster made some parts of my mold uneven, and I could not shave them down because doing so would also get rid of the texture of my hand. Overall, I loved this project and think I was successfully able to communicate my book’s purpose.

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