Soap Project Artist Statement

Overall, I feel I was able to convey a message through my sculpture and not only effectively cast my ear, but also work diligently to carve a realistic megaphone out of the bar of soap. Because I remained engaged throughout each class and refrained from becoming distracted, I feel I was able to convey a message about freedom of speech and show that far too many people are silenced in this world for no reason. By carving a megaphone out of soap and positioning it into my own, casted ear, I think I was able to show others that we should all have the right to speak up for what we believe in. Although I became frustrated at times and worked too quickly, I learned to take a step back and fully analyze the situation before acting impulsively, especially towards the soap portion of my piece. Similar to other classes, I sometimes find myself working too quickly before fully analyzing the situation and often ask for help instead of working out situations for myself. Sometimes, I was worried I would mess up a piece of my soap sculpture and asked for help or asked clarifying questions when I didn’t need it. By completing this project, I feel I have reminded myself once again, to work carefully, fully think through situations, and be patient. If I could do this project over again, I think I would most definitely work slower. Because I carved my soap too quickly, my sculpture became too thin at times and broke in half, leading me to start over three different times. Also, as I was finishing up carving my soap, my megaphone began to form a tiny crack towards the back of the megaphone – that’s when I knew I really needed to stop carving. Similarly, with my casted ear, I almost took off a large piece of my ear because I was trying to smooth down the rough edges off my ear too quickly. Now that I have completed this project, I understand the difficulties sculptors face each time they complete a project and now know to remain patient when completing a piece in order to achieve my absolute best work. Regardless, I truly enjoyed this project and can’t wait for more projects like this to come! 


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