We always talk about rape and how a woman should protect themselves. Society has avoided the major issue; we must not continue to view it as a woman’s responsibility to protect themselves, but respect their voices and make women feel more powerful. The rape whistle I have carved represents the voice of women, and how we should respect that, along  with their consent for sex. I successfully conveyed this powerful meaning of a issue within our society, by using simple materials. I learned how to take time to how to perfect the details in both the soap and the plaster. I smoothed the plaster with the sandpaper, learning how to manipulate something so durable to fit my project. I also used small brushes to smooth out the soap. I now understand how meticulous you must be with the tools, especially when working with something so easy to change like soap. Starting with only a block of ivory soap and an envisioned shape was a challenge for me, but I appreciate the sculpting process much more. I also value my work a lot more because I knew how hard it was to complete. Aside from building the soap, I always felt the project was incomplete and always missed details. That was one of the biggest frustrations, and all the lint that continued to stick on to the whistle. By the time I finished the whistle, I had faced yet another challenge of making a hole on the part wear a whistle would usually hang from a lanyard; the soap had become to hard and brittle to make a hole and broke off. I think I did well with thinking on my feet and always trying to fix mistakes that were made during the process of the entire project. This included fixing the broken part of my soap, and sanding down part of the concrete lips to make a better platform. After this project, I would definitely reconsider the timing of when I made the hole so the whistle could have a more complete look, and stop doubting my work. When photographing the final piece, I thought that I had still portrayed the same message, so I should really be proud of what I made, instead of being self deprecating. #rapewhistle #soap #ivorysoap #concrete #imagination 

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