Artist Statement

In this project I made a soap sculpture of a cancer ribbon that fits in a hand. There was a study released that said roughly one in eight women have breast cancer. After learning about this, I chose the cancer ribbon because I believe it represents people having hope and the courage to fight against cancer. It took many steps to get to the final draft of the project. Personally, making the soap sculpture proved to be a challenging task. I had to redo the sculpture at least three times because it would continue to break. I also had to cast my hand, which involved holding it still in a solution of alginate for eight minutes. I think what I did well was that my sculpture itself is very smooth and there aren’t many mistakes. I also think that the hand position I casted worked very well, because the ribbon fit nicely. If I did the project again, I would start it with a better sense of purpose than I did this time, so that maybe I would not have had to redo it so many times. Through this project, I realized that even though this was just a small example, having to see things in three dimensions and then translating them into sculpture can be a challenge, and it has changed my perspective on famous sculptures that I’ve learned about in other classes. I’ve realized the amount of hard work and dedication one must require, which is something I never thought about before.


#soapsculpture #cancerribbon #handproject

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