This piece was inspired by my english class, Silenced America, in which we discuss silenced and misinterpreted voices in America.

     The sculpture addresses the manipulation that occurs with journalists and writers in American media. Their work is often exploited and twisted to push a message or idea. The twisting of their words is represented by the knotting of the pencil.

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     This sculpture was created out of two mediums. The pencil is carved from a bar of ivory soap and the hand is cast plaster. Carving the pencil was probably the most challenging aspect the piece. It was difficult to visualize the three dimensional form of the knot and create the hexagonal shape of the pencil. As a result of this process I have become better at thinking spatially. I have gained new perspective on the talent that real sculptors need to have to be able to create accurate three dimensional shapes.

     The second part of the sculpture, the hand, is cast plaster. I first had to create a mold of my hand out of alginate, then the plaster was poured into the mold and the mold was removed once the plaster was dry. If I were to recast my hand, I would be more careful to fully mix the alginate, reducing the bubbles that lead to little bumps on the hand.

     This experience makes me want to make more sculptures. I particularly enjoyed the mold making and casting processes. I’m looking forward to cast my roman head.

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