Effortless Warfare

Through this project I learned how to make sculptures using soap, alginate, and plaster. I spent a significant amount of time carving a grenade out of the soap and perfecting it using the carving tools in my supplies. I used the alginate to create a mold out of my hand, and then I filled the mold with plaster to create a hard concrete hand sculpture. Before this project I imagined sculptures being like chisling objects out of some hard material like Michelangelo’s “David”. I learned that I can make sculptures of that same tier using plaster, the process of making beautiful sculptures was simplified through this first project. The soap carving was tough to produce but even then it didn’t take nearly as long as I imagined and it still came out really cool. Before this project I also never worked with alginate and so working with it was a really new and weird experience. The alginate settled quickly and it was challenging for me to understand the chemistry behind why this happened. My hand sculpture is also commonly used when something perfect happens, you see basketball players use it a lot after making shots and it is commonly seen on the album covers of many music albums. This symbol reminds me of my affective ed class because the ACT/SAT tests are fast approaching and i’m confident in my ability to score well so this hand symbol represents the confident and positive mentality I should be having in order to do well. My hand came out looking really nice and really detailed. If I were to do the whole project over again, I would be more careful with the details on the Grenade and I would work on fitting more of my hand in during the alginate step to the hand sculpture, this way when I fill in the mold with plaster more of my hand would be showing once that whole process was finished. To further and learn from this experience, I need to be patient when carving and pay more attention to details to the real life object i’m trying to make. Before my next project I should try to perfect my preplanning and think like an artist in terms of angles and time and not so much let the hard work of the process overwhelm me so quickly. Art takes a lot of hard work and deserves a lot of attention if you want things to turn out as perfect as possible.

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