Soap Sculpture

My project was inspired by my frustration with the idea that people’s values are often quantified and judged by society. It can feel like we are given a price tag. I hoped that seeing this visually would draw attention to the negativity of this. My original soap sculpture plan was a smooth, uniform price tag. I originally intended to make it very thin and with as clean of lines as I could.


IMG_0001.jpgHowever, I quickly realized that I needed more texture to make it more realistic.

IMG_0003.jpgAs I carved indentations, my sculpture got too thin and broke in half, forcing me to restart. Although I was really frustrated by this, this restart ended up being a turning point for my project. It caused me to rethink my steps and make sure everything I was doing was very deliberate and thought out. At this point, I also decided I wanted to create a crumbled up price tag. By making the price tag imperfect, I realized I could convey a stronger message and reject the price tag’s power over people. This time, when I cut out the general shape of the soap,  curved the sides.

IMG_0006.jpgIMG_0008.jpgI used a crumbled up piece of paper as my 3D model. I had to remind myself that I needed to slow down and be more patient with my work, in order to avoid breaking it again, while still getting the most precision possible. This was one of the most challenging part of the projects for me. Restarting came up a second time in the making of the plaster mold of my hand. The fingers of my first mold broke off when I was removing the plaster from the alginate mixture. I had to be even more patient with my second mold, which, despite one break, turned out much better. Despite some challenges, I was happy with how my plaster mold and price tag turned out. FullSizeRender-1.jpgIMG_9184.JPGIMG_9175.JPG

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