Artist Statement- Soap Sculpture


In this project, I made a soap sculpture of a stopwatch. I choose to carve a stopwatch because while looking at the examples from the year before, I realized they all had one thing in common: that they were happening NOW. There are many issues in our society (for example, the issues other sculptures highlighted on) and present issues need to be addressed. The stopwatch symbolizes that we as a society need to put a stop to these issues that are happening right now. For me, making the soap sculpture was not the most difficult part of the project. I decided to start carving two stopwatches and then choose which one was better quality to finish it. One of the things that I learned from carving was that overall, I needed to slow down while working. Slowing down allowed me to work closer and have a smoother surface throughout the stopwatch. When I finished the carving, I decided to add small pieces of wire to make the hands of the clock to make the piece look more realistic. Also, in the project I had to cast my hand. This was very difficult because the pose I wanted my hand to be in was very specific and holding it in alginate for eight minutes was very difficult. The cast ended up missing the top of my index finger (even when I cast it twice) so, I decided to use the top of a middle finger from one of my previous hands and glue it on. This worked very well. Through this project, despite some set- backs, I was extremely happy with how my stopwatch turned out. I learned how much work making a sculpture is and I know respect and admire famous sculptures like never before. I am very much looking forward to the next project.

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