Healthcare Sculpture

img_3169img_3162img_3160img_3154img_3153img_3148img_3009img_3013img_3016img_3025img_3020img_3026img_3125img_3054img_3053img_3047img_3064img_3082     After Ms. Kerrigan told us about the project, my mind filled with different ideas. Most of them were cliche and included topics constantly talked about by the media. After much brainstorming, I decided to make a soap sculpture of a syringe, which would discuss the rising cost of healthcare and a government controlled healthcare system. Before I casted, I had to sculpt the syringe from soap. This was by far the hardest aspect of the project. I went through four different bars of soap before I was able to craft an accurate syringe. During the first few tries, I sculpted the syringe from a complete and full bar of soap, leaving the sculpture disproportionate. Finally, Ms. Kerrigan and I, cut a bar of soap in half, making the syringe more proportional. From sculpting soap, I learned about the different techniques used to smoothen the sculpture and define specific parts. For example, I had to define the needle part of the syringe and the pressure valve that pushed the medicine into the syringe. After sculpting the soap it was time to cast my hand in alginate. This was the easier part of the project because it did not take multiple redos and trials. After casting, I pulled out the alginate from the plastic casing. Then, I used different tools of carved out the alginate from the plaster mold. Although enjoyable, this process did not take long and was fairly easy. The mold contained a few bubbles and lumps from the alginate that I had to clean off with a tool. I had ordered a tube online to connect to the wrist of my plaster mold. Using a bandaid, I attached the tube to my wrist. I then attached another tube to the end of the syringe to make it appear as though the syringe is pumping medicine. My favorite part of the project was carving the syringe and removing the alginate from the plaster mold. Sculpting the syringe took time and multiple tries, but once completed I was happy to have created the object. Removing the alginate was not hard, but it was incredibly satisfying. Throughout this project, I feel that I have improved my sculpting abilities and attention to detail.

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