Wire Challenge Blog by Benny, Siena, Morgan, and El

What challenges did we face while creating these pieces?

When creating our sculpture, we encountered various challenges. First, it was difficult to maneuver the wire in the ways we wanted to. Because the wire was sharp, it was difficult to have a strong grip on the wire. Many of us were nervous that we would cut or poke ourselves. Furthermore, due to the fact that many of us do not use wire on a daily basis, we found difficulty shaping the wire and creating the sculpture we had in mind. Lastly, because this was a collaborative sculpture and we were all working on a sculpture that was quite small, it was difficult for all of us to work on the sculpture at the same time. Continuing, many of us had different ideas and it was difficult for us to bring all of our ideas to the sculpture. 

What should one do to avoid these challenges?

For the future, in order for one to avoid these challenges, one must be cautious at all times. However, the wire is less harmful than one might think. It is important to be aware, but not paranoid. Also, before you begin building your actual sculpture, make sure you become familiar with the wire and learn the best ways to shape and sculpt your wire sculptures. Finally, it is important to plan your ideas ahead and give roles to each member of the group. That way, everyone will be able to contribute to the sculpture and work on the sculpture equally. 

What should one do to create a stable sculpture? 

In order to create a secure sculpture, it is important to have a strong base on the bottom of a sculpture that requires a base. Second, it is important to wrap wire around the ends of the sculpture. That way, the sculpture will not wobble and will be secure. Lastly, it is important to give all aspects of the sculpture support. If all of these things are done properly, your sculpture should creative, stable, and professional. 

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