Small, but Savory by Morgan Kmety

For my wire project, I decided to create a peppermint candy out of wire and cellophane. By enlarging a piece of candy, my goal was to bring appreciation to simple items and show others that we must stop taking things for granted. Although peppermint candy is produced in mass amounts, I believe others should be thankful for what they have, even for something as simple as a peppermint candy. Just like others, I tend to overlook certain items and by completing this project, I have learned that time is needed to make anything and everything. When I began this project, I knew that I would use wire and in order to create the wrapper, I used cellophane, distinguishing my project from the rest of the artists. These two materials were the only ones used for my project. I started creating two circles with wire and then connected them with smaller, thick pieces of wire to hold the shape in place. Once I completed this, I noticed that my sculpture resembled a can more than a round piece of candy and decided to round out the sides of the sculpture by attaching arches around the entire sculpture. Then, I braided pieces of wire together and attached them around the arches of the sculpture to resemble the red stripes on the peppermint candy. Because I needed many stripes around the candy, I was able to develop a pattern and did repeated it twelve times. If I could change anything, I would like to fix the ways in which I attached the braids to the side of the sculpture. Although it is not super noticeable, if one was looking very closely, they would see that the stripes were not lined up consistently and were not attached in the exact same way. However, on the peppermint candy, the red stripes are also not consistent and are different sizes. That being said, I do not think that it is a big deal, but if I were trying to be exact, I would change this. Overall, I am quite happy with my work. I worked hard within and outside of the classroom, and helped others when they needed it as well. I believe I efficiently resembled a peppermint candy and hopefully, I was able to convey the message I had intended.

#wireproject #creativity #peppermint #braiding #exploringideas #techniques #patterns #appreciatesimplicity

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