“The Giving Tree” Wire Sculpture

My wire sculpture, entitled “The Giving Tree” was made with the purpose to explore the issue of global warming and deforestation being unrecognized and dismissed by many around the world. To emphasize this issue, I decided to make the tree look dead and represent the result if our natural environment continues to give life and beauty to us, and issues of global warming and deforestation continue to be ignored. The few wisps of light, silver wire are meant to symbolize the little hope and life that is left in this issue. The topic of global warming and climate change has been recently discussed among important figures of our country, some of whom still refuse to believe the situation. The organic, natural feel of the “The Giving Tree” is also a representation of my personality. I do not think that I am not a very rigid, exact, or quantitative person so creating a natural object, like a tree, allowed me to express myself and go with what felt right to me. I first chose to use thick, twisted wire for the center, or core, of my tree to create a strong foundation that I could easily wrap thinner wire around. While I had some trouble twisting my many thick wires with the drill, doing them by hand actually added to the natural, earthy feel of the tree, even though it took much more time. Creating branches to fill the tree was also a challenge I faced, because I had to cut many wires of different lengths and wrap each of them individually. I was not sure what scale I would like my tree or its branches to be, but as I was working, everything seemed to come together in the right way. After wrapping all of my thick wires, I did wrap over them with thinner wire and they helped to make the tree look more dense and took away some of its liveliness. My favorite part of this project was one I was not planning on including: the embellishments. Wrapping the few wisps of silver wire was fun to do and also helped make my tree look complete. Overall, “The Giving Tree” did not turn out exactly how I planned it would, but I am proud of my work and think it effectively conveys the issues I intended it to. I had some trouble with balancing my tree and making the roots thick enough, and I think that if I had more time I would make them longer and include more of them, but otherwise, I loved this project!


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