Wire Project

Figuring out an idea for the wire project proved to be very challenging for me. My initial ideas were to create something architectural. My first draft of the project was modeled after Big Ben. I started this project and realized it was too rigid and hard to make with the wire. So I decided to try a new idea, but I got stuck on what to do. One day I was in class and I started creating random shapes with the wire, and then I got the idea to make a butterfly. I ended up making two butterflies total. Butterflies are usually brightly colored and I think they are a positive symbol in general. There has been a lot of negativity lately and I was glad to make a project that depicted something happy.  Although my butterflies did not end up being the largest project, I tried to make them very detailed. The steps of making each butterfly were a bit challenging at times. I initially started by making the wings, which were swirls. Two of the swirls were larger because they were the top wings and two of them were smaller. The next challenging step was to figure out how to make the body. I did this by taking one of the tools and coiling the wire around it. I actually made the body in two parts as in they were two separate pieces that I had to put together. For one of the other butterflies, I coiled the wire around a paintbrush to make a slightly thinner body than the first one. After making the bodies, I had to attach the wings. I did this by weaving them into the body, I did not make a knot with the wire because I worried that it would be too bulky. I think if I did this project again I would be more aware of what the wire is and is not capable of doing. This project favors more fluid and free objects rather than straight lines and inflexible elements.




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