To create this sculpture I first used thick wire to create a vertical oriented skeleton/outline for the fingers and thumb and then used thin wire wrapped horizontally around the skeleton to create surface. On my first attempt I used strong black wire and wove it around the skeleton, but in by second attempt I was able to achieve better results by using the thiner silver colored wire to create the surface by wrapping all the way around each vertical wire of the skeleton. I also even thicker silver wire for my skeleton on my second try. If I were to create a third attempt, I would used more thin horizontal wires to create a more solid and well defined surface.

I chose to depict a hand giving the middle finger because I think it is the most emotional gesture a hand can make. It demonstrates anger, an emotion I think is all to prevalent in our society, especially recently given the polarizing political climate. It is important to address this anger, and the first step is to acknowledge it.

Ben Hafner

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