Masks of Maquillage

Societal pressure forced cosmetics to become a huge part of a woman’s life. As a woman, I feel it takes up an unnecessarily huge part of our lives, and society has countless expectations for beauty. I accomplished portraying the same high expectations of appearance through my project; the life-size lipstick made with wire shows how beauty products became a fundamental part in girl’s lives when becoming a woman. Ultimately, I am satisfied with the huge lipstick because my message was well executed with the size of my project, and topping it off with pantyhose to represent the color of the lipstick, adding to the demanding image of beauty within fashion. I learned a lot from working with wire when I expected so much from myself, from bending and shaping the wires to making the perfect knots and circles. In this case, having demanding expectations helped me develop my skills working closely with wire and pliers. Just like norms expect woman to be perfect, I expected my project to be very linear and the knots to be clean and tight, using the hammer and drill to do this. Sometimes I took too long making perfect circles for the foundation of the lipstick, and pacing my project was a bit of a challenge, but I learned to proceed even with small mistakes and imperfections. This lesson is applicable to both self-confidence and my artwork because flaws are what make my work even more beautiful. I really loved how I used other materials to accentuate the message of the project, and I will definitely think of other creative ways to do this in future projects. The pantyhose was like the cherry on the top of ice cream because that is one of many beauty products purchased to hide imperfections or uphold the standard of being someone else, like creating a mask with makeup. #makeup #wireproject #expectationsforwomen #lipstick #panyhose #pinkshade

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