Artist Statement 2 Benny

Sculpture Artist Statement

For my sculpture I chose to do an ant because from a young age they have always fascinated me. In sixth grade i did a science project on ants and have always liked them. While making my ant I really wanted to make a solid looking form out of wire, leaving very little space in between them. This made my ant seem as though it were one whole piece instead of an illustrated version of it were it was just lines forming an ant shape with negative space. I learned a lot about repetition when making my ant. When you repeat a process in the same manner again and again it gives the piece a feeling of unity, which can translate to making it look natural. This process was hard to grasp for me because originally i wanted to simply fill in all the space with wire to leave no negative space, but this proved ineffective because that type of randomness does not appear naturally. After adjusting however i found that i did a really good job with making the wire appear like a solid form which really gave my ant an appealing texture. I hope to continue working with wire because I really enjoyed it. If I had the chance to do another project I would want to do a bridge made completely out of wire.

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