Starting with a Vision

Through this project I was able to work with wire and learn how to bend it to make interesting and complex sculptures. I used clamps, drills, and pliers to manipulate wires with different lengths and widths to create different shapes that ultimately contribute to the quality of the final product. Because of this assignment I was able to experience how easy it is to change unlikely material to the way you want it. I’ve realized through this project that you can make beautiful sculptures even with the least likely of materials like wire. Going into this project I didn’t expect wire to be so sensitive and that’s what ultimately left to my imperfections. The wire was easily manipulated which was good in ways where it wasn’t difficult to make shapes but it was difficult to keep things nice, straight, and smooth when making complicated shapes necessary to the end result of the project. My project specifically connects to my history class because for the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking about the ideas of the US’s founding fathers with their federalism, democracy, and so on and my project is a light bulb, generally representing people’s ideas. In terms of the final result of my project, I feel as though I put in a lot of time, hard work, and creativity into really bringing out the visualization of a lightbulb with the wire. If I were to do anything differently, I would try to be more consistent with the parts of my project that required consistency, like the outer outlines of the lightbulb, and the pieces of wire that determined the height of the  light bulb’s base which absolutely needed to be as closely alike as possible. Now that I know how to manipulate wire into sculptures, it has taught me that there isn’t ever a perfect material to make a sculpture out of and that some materials might be odd and others might be more difficult than others to change but in the end it is possible to make anything as long as you imagine it and work hard to create it.


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