The New World

Personally, the creating of this sculpture allowed me to develop a new perspective of sculpture class and my ability as an artist. Surprisingly, I started with a completely different idea then I ended with. From the beginning of the creative process/idea for the sculpture I wanted to do some sort of shell because I wanted to symbolize ocean awareness. I was originally drawn to the nautical shell after learning about the golden ration and the puzzle of creating it. As a way to tackle this challenge, Ms. Kerrigan suggested that we should nail screws into a hard surface to wrap the wire around. After randomly coming across a book, I decided to use the book as the hard surface. The longer I spent with the book and creating one-half of the shell, the more I had come to think of the book as part of my sculpture instead of just the glue holding it together. For me, creating the book as part of sculpture allowed me to expand my imagination. Instead of having one set wire sculpture, I was constantly asking myself, “Now what?” This was so important to me because I never got bored of the project or thought the project was 100% finished. I could still keep working on it today. In the end, I decided to curve the book to create a balance of the circular/nautical shape throughout the sculpture. In fact, if one were to flip through the pages of the book, they would find different types of nautical shapes. I loved this idea because the audience could get what they got out of the sculpture from what they put in. Overall, I thought my wire sculpture ended up successful. If I were to change one thing, It would be to have more time on my sculpture so I could connect different elements of the piece.


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