Wire Sculpture

         For my sculpture, I chose to create a lock made from wire. This sculpture utilized twisted wires of different widths and silver wire to create a lock with a sphere like shape. The top of the lock, or the chain, was created by twisting together wire to create a strong metallic substance. By twisting together the wire the chain appeared sturdy and industrial. Small imperfections in the twists added to the industrial nature of the sculpture. Then, I twisted together more wire, in a thinner fashion, in order to build the cube structure of the lock. I first created the top half of the lock, added to the chain, and then added the bottom half of the lock. Originally, the 2D structure looked more like a purse than like a lock, so I expanded the sculpture, created a replica to the original 2D structure. Then, I combined these two structures together to a create a rectangular structure that resembled a 3D rectangle, and less like a purse. I then used, silver wire in order to make the chain of the lock look more metallic. Then I added circular shapes to the sides of the lock in order to give it a more spherical shape.

The lock represents structure and predictability. The thick wire holds the shape of the lock and creates the appearance of a sturdy creation. The predictability of the locks shape relates to how it symbolizes equilibrium. The lock being closed symbolizes how people do not want to let go of order, but instead they want to hold onto it. The lock does not have a key because people do not want to open up chaos and the unknown, they much rather stay in the predictable and not the unpredictable.

   One struggle I had when creating this structure was twisting together all the wire. This was very time intensive and took away from the perfection of the design. Another struggle I had was wrapping the thick wire around the lock itself. While the lock holds it shape, the wrapping is not as neat as I would like it to be and could be wrapped tighter. Finally, I struggles with the silver wire. At first, the silver wire was too thick and I could not bend it easily. The thinner silver wire, the one I ended up using, was much easier to bend and could be wrapped around the thick metallic wire to give the lock a more silver like feel.

    To distract from the purse like nature of the lock, I added a keyhole in the front to draw attention to its industrial nature and away from its textile based doppleganger. The keyhole was well crafted and I filled the negative space with silver wire in order to draw out the hole where the key would fit.

    Overall, this was a successful project and I feel that my lock came together nicely, if given the opportunity I would created another sculpture from wire.


One thought on “Wire Sculpture

  1. Chambers,
    I really love the idea behind your lock. I think it is really interesting that you decided to leave out the key in your sculpture to represent people’s unwillingness to welcome chaos into your life. Overall, I love the message with your sculpture and it is amazing how sturdy it appears to be, just like a lock!


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