Multiples Project Artist Statement-Kmety

For my multiples project, I created a sculpture solely made out of translucent cups. I also painted the end of each cup with light purple paint to create a more pleasing image and used a light to emphasize the beautiful translucency of the object. When I started my project, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I developed my idea of a spherical figure after experimenting with the cups for quite some time and therefore, felt crunched for time. I think I did a great job of working efficiently in class and remaining productive in order to finish my sculpture. Because this was the multiples project, I needed to come up with a pattern. I put three dots of glue on two cups and then connected them. Once the glue dried and the cups were in place, I repeated this process until a circle was made. Then, I added another, smaller circle on top of the bottom circle and repeated this motion until half a sphere was made. After, I flipped the hemisphere over and did the same process on the other side to make a full sphere. Although I believe I sufficiently completed my sculpture, at one point, I did hit a bump. I did not glue the cups together correctly and there was a large space in my sphere. I tried to remove the cups, but they were tightly glued and began to crack. So, I had to start over and worked slower next time. I think a common theme among each of my projects was that I needed to work slower. I overestimated the due date and sometimes, worked too quickly. Because I did this, I messed up numerous times with my painting around the cups as well. If I were to complete this project again, I would definitely work slower and remind myself to take a step back and admire my work. This project has helped me realize that not everything can be perfect and to take my actions into account more often, especially when approaching a conflict. Overall, I think I worked diligently within and without of class and despite its minuscule flaws, I believe I created a beautiful, illuminated sculpture.

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