100 Project


For the 100 project I used popsicle sticks. Since popsicle sticks are pretty rigid I decided that I would make something more geometric. However, beyond that thought, I did not really have a plan to begin with. So I started by making geometric shapes, then I got the idea to work with triangle designs. I built more and more complex triangle designs eventually leading to making a star. The stars that I made had varying levels of complexity, the top star of my design has the most details to it. I ended up making three star designs and then i glued them together with the ultimate goal of making something to hang from the ceiling. After gluing the stars together I added a couple more details to the structure and then it was finished. This project had a few challenges, mainly I had to make sure that all my designs worked spatially. I had created many different pieces and I had to find ways to connect all them together. I was also working with symmetry, and in order to keep this design symmetrical, I had to make sure that all the shapes I created were uniform and able to be recreated.


#100project #popsicle sticks

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